About Horary Astrology

What is Horary Astrology?

Horary Astrology is the branch of Traditional Astrology concerned with answering specific questions by interpreting an astrological chart.

Is it like looking at my birth chart and telling me things about myself?

No. Horary Astrology does not use a birth chart. Horary astrology requires a specific question and the astrologer gives the answer based on a chart built for that specific question. The Horary method produces a degree of accuracy that is unmatched and impossible by using a birth chart. 

What it its relation to Sun Sign astrology we see in papers, magazines and websites?

There is no relation. Horary Astrology is part of Traditional Astrology (pre-18th Century). Sun Sign astrology is part of modern astrology and is a super-simplification of Traditional Astrology that was invented in the 19th century. The only thing Traditional Astrology and modern astrology have in common is the word “astrology” and the fact that they both use charts for the position of the planets.

I never heard of Horary astrology. Where does it originate?

Traditional Astrology is an ancient system. It was widely used in Europe (the West) until the 18th century, when it went dormant due to the Enlightenment movement. But it remained actively used in the East. Now, since the late 20th century it is back into wider use in the West as a source of practical, accurate and down-to-earth verifiable information, in order to help guide people in decision-making.

What kind of questions can you answer?

I was trained and have extensive experience answering questions on a variety of subjects, from finances, law and trials, elections, career, vocation, travel, relationships and partnerships, to family, children, pregnancy, relocation and many others. However, in the last ten years, I have specialized in medical, psychological and spiritual inquiries.

How can a Medical Horary consultation help me?

First and foremost, I can accurately diagnose your state health in a similar way to how Eastern doctors (Chinese, Tibetan, Korean, Unani/Greek), etc.) can. This diagnosis determines the type of imbalance in the four elements you have. From there a treatment can be devised to restore the balance and minimize or remove the cause of your symptoms as well as to abate the symptoms themselves.

Second, the information I provide about your health can save you time, money and aggravation by avoiding unsuitable treatments. I can tell you whether a treatment you are considering will have a positive result or not, including surgery.

Third, I can tell you the prognosis of your state of health.

Fourth, I can tell you what you may be doing to yourself that is contributing to your ill health. That is, I can uncover bad habits that you may not be aware of. 

How about consultations on spirituality?

The information from the reading can give clarity about where we are on our spiritual path and reveal what the current challenges and lessons are. The information is invaluable to help us reset and re-align our minds with our inner compass and our spiritual goals while remaining grounded in the reality of the obstacles presented along the way.

Can all questions be answered in one consultation?

Questions about physical and psychological health and spiritual matters can be answered in one consultation, as they are all connected.

Other subjects may require separate charts and consultations. Once I hear a description of the situation I can determine what consultation(s) is (are) most appropriate.

Are your interpretations computer automated or written by AI?

My consultations are entirely based on human interaction. No true astrology can use automated reports. The text you receive is my written interpretation of an astrological chart. A computer is used only to draw a chart and to communicate with you.

What does horary mean?

The chart used in Horary is cast for the moment the astrologer understands the question. Thus the name “horary”: “of the “hour”. Or: for “the moment” the question is asked the astrologer. That chart gives the skilled Horary Astrologer a razor sharp description of the situation the person is asking about and how it will unfold in time. Thus is it descriptive as well as predictive. Past events can be investigated in a similar fashion.

What is your education and experience with traditional astrology and horary?

I received the diploma of “horary craftsman” from John Frawley, one of the greatest living masters of Traditional Astrology. And I studied Medical Astrology with Oscar Hofman. I have studied and practiced traditional astrology since 2005. I also offer tuition in Traditional Astrology through my online Traditional Medical Astrology Academy.