traditional Medical Astrology Consultations

Traditional Medical Astrology Consultations by medical astrologer Felipe Oliveira.

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My consultation will give you valuable medical information on your health, diseases, the effectiveness of your current treatments as well as the outcome of any proposed treatment.

It will help you promote healing and improve your health. A consultation includes diagnosis, prognosis and healing recommendations.

I will also show you what habits in your life are causing illness rather than helping to heal so that you may become conscious of them and act on them.

I use the ancient traditional method of Horary Astrology. No birth date is required. This gives you a degree of accuracy unmatched by birth chart astrology.

The information gained can assist you in making knowledgeable decisions in your life; for yourself, your loved ones, including your pets and even plants — basically, any living creature, since all are composed of the same building blocks – the elements.

A consultation provides down-to-earth practical information. It can be used to gather fresh information on a subject or confirm or refute information from other sources.

Traditional Medical Astrology Consultations