Medical Astrology Examples of Consultations

Medical Astrology Examples of questions and answers that can be asked and answered in a Medical Astrology consultation

Medical Astrology Examples of Consultations

Medical Astrology Examples of questions and answers that can be asked and answered in a Medical Astrology consultation

A medical astrology example of a diagnostic consultation  from a client who had lower back pain, low energy, bags under the eyes and nausea. He saw a doctor who told her kidney stones were ruled out because it did not show in the x-rays.

Question: What is wrong with me?

Answer: You have an excess of coldness and dryness. The chart indicates that you very likely have a kidney stone. Maybe it’s very small, maybe it’s still forming, maybe it’s just sand and that’s why it did not appear in the x-rays.

Advice: Follow a kidney stone dietary protocol, specially *eliminate* stone forming foods for a period of time to see if the symptoms subside.

Outcome: Client ended up in the emergency room with a kidney stone two weeks after the chart reading.

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Another medical astrology example of a diagnostic question.

This middle-aged client has a hectic, super-active, lifestyle, is under enormous stress, and has already acquired an auto-immune disease among various other symptoms. She also experiences anxiety, anger, guilt, and self-deprecating tendencies.

Below is a summary of her chart interpretation:

Question: What is wrong with me? What can I do to improve my health?


You have an excess of heat and dryness in your system. Fire. This excessive fire causes and exacerbates various symptoms in your body and mind. The imbalance mode is acute, meaning that if measures are taken to correct it the results will come relatively fast. The imbalance degree is low so things can be done to correct it.

Your immune system is emphasized and shown not to be working correctly and your nervous system is risking a burn-out. Menopause and shifting hormones are interacting heavily with your glands and immune system. The reproductive system and immune system are pulling in opposite directions and taxing one another.

Inflammation is brewing underneath all the symptoms you are experiencing. What is referred to as fibromyalgia, in your case, is a series of symptoms associated with this excess of fire in your nervous system, bones, and muscles.

There is no spontaneous improvement indicated. In fact, the charts show the tendency for heat, and therefore imbalance, to increase, and not in a pleasant way. This makes the search for correct treatments and adjustments in diet and lifestyle a high priority. The more you wait the harsher the lesson will tend to be.

Your daily routine an exercise regiment are strongly emphasized as a big player in relation to your health and well being. Think of the excess of fire and observe to see how your work may be increasing this fire in your system, therefore, contributing to the exacerbation of your health problems. Think also where fire may be stuck rather than being channeled in healthy ways. Important decisions are emphasized in your work/career.

If your concern is health then your decisions must be focussed on your health, mental and physical. It will be wise to find ways to re-position your work to revolve around your health and well being instead of the other way around. This is the time in your life when you have to do that or else things may get worse and become more difficult to correct as one ages.

Minimize heating and drying foods. Increase cooling and moistening foods. More cucumber and steamed vegetables and salads and less chili or oregano or fried foods in general. Less chicken, more turkey. Fewer dates and more fresh fruit. Fewer nuts.

Meditation is good — it cools the mind. In social interaction prefer the quieter ones instead of the busy noisy ones. When watching movies prefer the calmer ones, etc.

The important thing is the principle: less fire = good. That applies to every area of your life.

Finding ways to see clearly and “digest” psychological burdens and obstacles such as self-deprecation, anger, guilt?is very important for our well being. Those factors can and do play directly into our immune and nervous systems, which in turn play into our emotions.

Here again, we can see how too much fire can have you busy being here and there and super active in the world while you can benefit from periods of quiet intelligent introspection in order to help “clear your energy field” and settle into the deeper part of your being where serene power comes from. Meditation and psychotherapy can help.

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A medical astrology example of a surgery question.

The querent asked the question because a surgeon recommended surgery to remove prolapse uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. She read in Scientific American that they are a bed for cancer development and so they advise the surgery to avoid possible future problems.

Question:?Will the surgery benefit me?

Answer: The chart shows that this is an unnecessary surgical intervention with no benefit, preventative or otherwise, in your case.

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A medical astrology example of a prognosis question.

Question: Will chemotherapy help my brother? Is there death indicated in the next year?

Answer: Chemotherapy has the potential to help your brother at this time but it has no power over the true cause of the illness.

The chart emphasizes the fact that chemotherapy will harm his liver and immune system. But the effect will not be as bad as it may appear.

The treatment will not produce the full desired results. But it will not harm his whole health in general, which is good for such type of treatment.

There is no death indicated within the timeframe asked about; in fact recovery is indicated.

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A medical astrology example of a prognosis question.

The client has injured his forearm due to overexertion and cannot play the guitar presently. He’s rather distressed and worried that it may be too long before he can go back to playing again.

Question: When will I be able to play again?

Answer: In about two and a half weeks, if you take care of your arm and do not re-injure it.

Outcome: About 15 days after the chart reading his pain had mostly subsided and he started playing again three days after that, that is: 18 days after the chart reading.

A medical astrology example of a surgery question.

The client was scheduled to have a surgery in her mouth in order to set up the structure for teeth implants. The doctor told her that there was a risk of rupture of some tissue which would render the surgery useless and in that case months would have to elapse before the surgery could be attempted again. She was worried and decided to ask whether everything would be ok or not.

Question: Will the surgery be successful?

Answer: Yes, all will occur as intended with the surgery. There is no need to worry about complications.

Outcome: The querent reported that the procedure had gone well and the recovery and effects were as expected.

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A medical astrology example of a diagnosis question.

Client: My Ficus tree has begun to lose many leaves. That has happened in the past; then it turned out that we had watered it too much and almost killed it by drowning. But this time my wife said that she was sure she did not over-water it.

Question: Why is my ficus losing its leaves?

Answer: The chart shows the ficus is too dry.

Treatment: Water it.

Outcome: The client cautiously began watering it. It recovered and stopped losing leaves in a matter of days.

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A medical astrology example of choosing a doctor.

The client has had diarrhea, extreme weakness and shivers for three days and she does not know whether she is improving or getting worse. She read somewhere that if such symptoms persist for more than three days she should see a doctor ? indeed reasonable and advisable.

Question: I feel very sick. Should I see a doctor?

Answer: The chart shows that you will recover spontaneously.

Advice: If your intuition tells you strongly to see a doctor go do it. Otherwise, wait another day. If you still feel bad tomorrow go see a doctor then.

Outcome: She woke up the next day with most symptoms gone, a significant improvement. It turned out that there was no need to see a doctor after all.

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The client was told by an intuitive healer that he had parasites, so he asked for a confirmation before spending money on a lab test.

Question: Do I have parasites?

Answer: Yes, very likely in the intestines.

Outcome: The client eventually did the lab tests and it came positive for Giardia, which inhabits the small intestine.

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A medical astrology example of a pregnancy question.

This is the client’s second pregnancy. The first was difficult and she needed a cesarean in order to give birth. She is now seven months pregnant. She really wants a natural birth and does not want another cesarean at all.

Question: Will I give a natural birth without complications?

Answer: Difficulties are indicated. There will very likely be complications and the birth may not be natural. Be prepared to have medical assistance in case it is necessary.

Outcome: Thankfully she was prepared. After over twenty-four hours of difficult labor, her cervix did not dilate. She had to have a second cesarean. Mom, dad, and baby are happy in the end!

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A medical astrology example of a dietary question.

The client was prescribed dietary supplements. She has severe digestive intolerance and often reacts with migraine to foods and supplements. She is concerned about the supplement’s usefulness and about getting a migraine from it.

Question: Is this supplement good for me? Will I get migraines from taking it?

Answer: The supplement is very good for your health. However, the risk of side-effects in the form of migraines is very high due to liver sensitiveness.

Advice: Start with a very low dosage; much lower than the one prescribed.

Outcome: She did start with a very low dose, and still got a migraine. She decreased the dosage further in order to tolerate the side effects and she is building up tolerance gradually.

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A medical astrology example of a prognosis question.

Question: I am a Type II diabetic and I am beginning to have “eye episodes”. I wonder if am going blind eventually. I have blood sugar levels moderately controlled (read: blood sugar levels above normal).

Answer: probably not going completely blind. But you will lose a significant part of your vision if you are not able to re-assess your habits and control your blood sugar levels. Things will not improve on their own. If things continue as they are you are a possible candidate for laser treatment, injection treatment, or surgery. See a doctor for appropriate measures and treatment.

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