Frequently Asked Questions

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About Medical Issues

In traditional medicine illness is functional weakness or distortion caused by an imbalance in the humors, or elements. For example: bronchitis (weakness in the lungs) is often caused by too much water (humoral imbalance) in the system. Illnesses are based on birth constitution and are triggered by genetic factors and the environment, and are often exacerbated by self-undoing, that is: conscious or unconscious acts of our own which cause ourselves harm.

Using an astrological chart called a “horary chart” I identify the nature of an illness and/or other physical or psychological problems using the paradigm of the four humors/elements. Once the humoral diagnosis has been performed you will know the following:

Whether you have an imbalance at all, and if so, what the imbalance is, that is: and imbalance of the “earth-air” axis or the “water-fire” axis. That imbalance is the cause or your health problems on the humoral/elemental level.

The imbalance degree. Stronger degrees require relatively stronger measures to address.

The imbalance mode, that is: whether it is acute, changeable (mutable) or fixed. The symptoms of acute imbalances, when treated correctly, tend to disappear shortly afterwards. Symptoms of a mutable imbalance, or variations, tend return in the future so, require more care and “maintenance” over time. Fixed imbalanced are more difficult to change, but depending on the degree they can be changed.

I also uncover self-undoing factors, if any are present, which can contribute to the exacerbation of illness. That is: things you may be doing to yourself which may be causing you harm.

With this knowledge you are able to take common-sense measures to improve your life and/or support other required treatments you may be undergoing.

Targeted, customized measures taken in order to balance the body and mind.

For example: someone with bronchitis because of an excess of water would take food and herbs to heat and dry the body and avoid cold and damp places. This reasoning applies to every possible illness situation.

Without humoral treatment other treatments often fail. This is one reason why modern medicine fails to heal, in most cases.

For example: arthritis is usually caused by an excess of earth that is: the person is too cold and dry. However, modern medicine in an effort to stop the symptoms and pain provides medications to treat arthritis that have the property of cooling and drying. That is, while their medications stop the symptoms for a period of time they exacerbate the root cause therefore the symptoms return and the person gets more and more ill.

Imbalanced elements can make us physically and psychologically ill. We can also make ourselves more ill and help illness instead of helping health. This is called self-undoing, or self-harm, or self-sabotaging.

If we are to heal is it beneficial and of utmost importance to uncover self-undoing factors in our lives so that we may become conscious of them, and then manage, minimize or eliminate them, thus promoting health. If any self-undoing is present in your life I can uncover it and inform you, should you want to know about it.

Yes, you can. Mainly about the quality, possible difficulties or outcome of pregnancy or of any procedure such as cesarian, etc.

As for asking whether someone is pregnant or not, pharmacy test kits are as reliable as, or more reliable than, astrology, and cheaper. But I can answer that too.

Horary astrology can be useful however to tell whether someone will or will not get pregnant, via IVF, for example. This, modern medicine cannot do, but astrology can.

I do not answer questions about baby gender. The astrological techniques available are unreliable. Just wait a bit and do medical exams.

Yes, you can ask those. The principles are the same as the body’s health principles. Generally speaking, we cry too much if there is too much water, we get depressed if we are too cold and dry (earth), we get easily angry if we have too much fire, we talk too much if we have too much air, etc.

Plus, we can gain insights into those parts of our psyche which tend to be hidden while being harmful to our overall mental, emotional and physical health. It is rare for people to ask about self-undoing but it is there to be studied for those who are ready to look into themselves and eventually be free from personal demons. Seeing them with some degree of clarity is the first step.

It is common that when their self-undoing is pointed out people reject the information, which is in the very nature of self-undoing to do so: it perpetuates suffering through ignorance. So keep that in mind when asking such questions. If you have the maturity to look at yourself impartially you will benefit from such information.

Not through astrology.

The language and conceptual paradigm of astrology are not compatible with modern diagnostic nomenclature. In order to diagnose in those terms a regular doctor should be consulted.

Astrology can confirm whether a certain organ or system is ill, but we cannot name the affliction using the same terminology that other diagnostic methods use. Therefore, no astrologer can or should answer yes or no to such questions.

In traditional healing cancer, diabetes, pneumonia or aids are considered symptoms caused by an underlying humoral imbalance. Therefore, through humoral diagnosis we can obtain information to support the treatment of complex illnesses and remove or minimize the cause of such symptoms; promoting the healing of the body and/or a better quality of life, regardless of what name they have.

About Consultations

A horary consultation produces an accurate present picture of the current state of health/illness. It also exposes self-undoing factors, gives the prognosis, and gives the answer to any related question, all in one shot.

In theory, a natal (birth-chart) delineation produces information on the health proclivities from birth and the person’s temperament. This information could be useful for prevention, especially for newborns and children, so that a parent can know beforehand the type of problems that are more likely to arise and may be prepared for meeting those possible difficulties as the child grows up.

However, with the exception of TEMPERAMENT ASSESSMENT, in practice, medical natal interpretation?is mostly useless. The possibilities are too many. There is no way we can pinpoint what may happen.

I do give a free natal temperament assessment with any horary consultation which is the only practical area of natal assessment.

NOTE: it is not possible to diagnose accurately using a birth chart; it is not meant for that purpose. A horary chart is needed for an accurate diagnosis.

State your questions clearly and give a description of your symptoms and history, and what you have done so far and how things have or have not worked. For diet and lifestyle guidelines I will need you to describe your lifestyle (including exercise regimen and social life) and a list of the items that compose your everyday diet. I will also need to know your height, weight and age.

A link to a complete intake questionnaire is sent to you upon ordering a consultation.

The consultation is not on the phone or Skype.

It takes several days to interpret the charts and apply the information to each particular case and set of questions.

Also, if spiritual and/or psychological issues are part of the context some time is needed for the information and message to fully “download”.

I write down the interpretation in detail and email it to you. You can read the interpretation at your own pace, digest the information and then ask me questions to discuss any points, if you like. During this back-and-forth communication between us your understanding of your condition is refined.

It depends on the questions. Questions that are related to the same subject can be answered together in a single consultation.

For example: does she/he love me? Will our relationship survive? When will I see her/him again? These are all related.

Will I get married and get a job? These are two unrelated questions and require separate consultations.

Questions about physical and psychological health can be answered in one consultation, as they are related/connected.

Yes. Friend, partner, husband, wife, children, parents are all common subjects of questions. You can also ask about celebrities, politicians, whoever. Or your pets, and even plants.

All that is required is that you have a genuine interest in who you are asking about. It does not matter whether they are close to you or not or whether you know them personally or not; yet it is rare that somebody will pay to ask about people they do not know personally. It is up to you.

DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL QUESTIONS may take up to seven calendar days, depending on the complexity of the situation and the questions.

ALL OTHER QUESTIONS may take up to 72 hours.

All time frames are approximate and I reserve the right to extend them within reason if I need to. I am not a machine and nothing is automated. Every piece of information you receive from me is manually written. Be patient so that I may have adequate time to dedicate to your consultation.

If you have an emergency and require information fast please choose “rush service” at checkout.

No. The written interpretation is done entirely by hand and is customized to each consultation. A computer is used only to product the necessary astrological charts.

Yes, they are of two types:

It may happen that a chart is unreadable to me, so I cannot know the answer to the question. In that case, I will issue a prompt refund and the transaction is canceled.

I will not diagnose health problems using medical terminology. So, I cannot tell if someone has cancer, diabetes, pneumonia, covid, or any other illness using medical terminology. This is not my limitation, it is a limitation of astrology. There is no direct correlation between astrological symbolism and specific illnesses. They are completely different paradigms. If you meet an astrologer who claims they can do that I recommend you hold your wallet and run. If they get it right it will be because of a statistical coincidence. Otherwise, it is like trying to stick a square peg into a round hole.

Astrology can, however, confirm (or refute) whether a particular organ or system is ill or not.

Yes, you can ask about your clients/patients. I work with homeopaths,?naturopaths,?nutritionists and medical doctors. Suppose you are unsure a supplement, food, medicine or medical intervention you prescribed is having or will have the desired effect. I can tell you that with a high degree of accuracy, for example.

I also work with practitioners who use my humoral diagnosis to fine tune their treatment regimen for their patients. If you are an Ayurvedic, Unani, Tibetan or Chinese doctor skilled in pulse diagnosis you do not need astrological humoral diagnosis. If you do not use pulse diagnosis my astrological humoral diagnosis produces the same type of information about the underlying cause of symptoms, without which chronic conditions become very difficult if not impossible to heal despite the practitioner’s best intentions and efforts.

Humoral diagnosis is also a requirement to prevent that a medicine that suppresses a symptom will not exacerbate the cause of the symptoms in the long run, that is: will make the patient sicker.

If you are a healer contact me for discounted rates.

The horary chart from a consultation is a business asset and is not for sale; only the written answers are the deliverables covered by the consultation price.

Credit card and PayPal.

Absolutely. Yes.

I do however hold the ownership of the horary charts and the interpretations and I reserve the right to use them for educational and promotional purposes. Personal data, including your birth data (if given), will never be revealed without your written authorization.

It takes time, knowledge, and insight to produce a chart interpretation. The payment covers the work performed. So, no refunds are issued.

This type of astrology is not about making people happy, although it may. Horary astrology is concerned with showing things as they are in reality.

It takes time, knowledge, and insight to produce a horary chart interpretation. The consultation payment covers the time spent on the work performed. So, no refunds are issued in any circumstances.

This type of astrology is not necessarily about making people happy, although it may. Horary astrology is concerned with showing things as they are in reality and reality is often uncomfortable or painful.

My service is for mature adults who know their own responsibility and are honest as to pay for a service rendered.

If you do not like the information I give you, or you do not agree with it or, if for a number of possible reasons outside my control, things turn out different from my answers, please do not blame or harm the messenger.

You know what you are buying; you are buying information. I do my job and give you the information. That is the end of my commitment.

If you are unsure horary astrology is for you please do not purchase a consultation.

If you have questions send me a message. I will reply promptly.