Traditional Medical Astrologer Felipe Oliveira

Traditional Medical Astrologer Felipe Oliveira

My Approach as a Medical Astrologer

My approach as a medical astrologer is focused on providing confidential and respectful care to clients who have important questions that need answers. I understand that your questions are significant to your life or the lives of your loved ones, and I am here to help you make informed and grounded decisions.

Through a medical astrology consultation, I can provide you with information directly from your spirit guides, who have a comprehensive understanding of your life and the choices you have before you. I am the messenger, connecting you with the wisdom and guidance of your guides to help you navigate life’s challenges and opportunities.

My focus is on practical, applicable knowledge that can improve your life, and I have little interest in theory alone. Traditional Horary astrology is an ancient and powerful tool that connects us to the wisdom of the heavens while keeping our feet on the ground and providing valuable insights for decision-making.

Education as a Medical Astrologer

I am a highly trained and experienced horary astrologer, having received my diploma from John Frawley, one of the greatest living masters of traditional astrology. I have also studied traditional medical astrology with Oscar Hofman, and I have been practicing and researching traditional astrology since 2005. My work can be found at If you are ready to make informed and confident decisions, I am here to help.

Other Pursuits

You may learn about my other life activities by visiting my personal website at

Besides my education and over fifteen years of practice in Traditional Astrology, I have also spent most of five or so decades studying the human psyche through the framework of various systems of esoteric thought applied in practice. I have little to no interest in theory alone. Knowledge has to be applicable to the needs of life in order to improve it, thus my affinity with horary astrology rather than with other branches of astrology, or modern astrology. 

Having a solid understanding of the structure and operation of the psyche as explained through the cosmology of the elements and the planets, allows me to shed clarity on the connection of illness, psychological suffering and the state of health that is so desirable to all.

Traditional Medical Astrologer Felipe Oliveira

Traditional Medical Astrologer Felipe Oliveira

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