Treatment or Diet (One Question)

About Traditional Medical Astrology

Purchase this if you need to further refine your treatment and diet over time and need to inquire about a specific treatment and/or dietary issue. Asking questions about treatments allows you to know beforehand whether a treatment will be helpful or not saving time, money and aggravation with failed treatments.

Example questions:

  • Am I allergic to gluten?
  • Is chicken (or any other food) good or bad for me?
  • Should I become a vegetarian?
  • Are the supplements I am taking good for me?
  • Will The Magnesium supplement (or any other supplement) help me?
  • Will the surgery help?
  • Will chemotherapy help?
  • Will physical therapy help?
  • Will the juice fasting/cleanse be good for me?

Note: This consultation does not include humoral diagnosis. If you want to ask “What’s wrong with me?” or “How can I get better?” please use the Medical Humoral Diagnosis Consultation.