Medical Horary Diagnosis Consultation

About Traditional Medical Astrology

Includes the following:

  • Humoral diagnosis as applied to your individual case along with an explanation of how your humoral imbalance manifests in your life as the symptoms that you experience
  • Explanation of other relevant diagnostic factors
  • The prognosis (what will happen next if nothing is done about it)
  • Assessment of current or proposed treatment (Will it work? Is it working? Is it too risky?)
  • Personal diet and lifestyle review and guidelines applied to your specific imbalance type
  • Assessment of your birth temperament and illness proclivities (if birth data is available)

Answers to all related questions for example:

  • I have an auto-immune disease, what can I do to improve?
  • Will the vaccine help me?
  • Will the vaccine have side effects?
  • Why am I depressed? What can I do to improve?
  • I have pains in my back and nausea, what is causing it?
  • My wife is fainting. What’s wrong with her?
  • I have recurring attacks of Erysipelas. How can I stop them?
  • I have constipation, extremely dry skin, and a lack of energy. How can I solve these problems?

Note: for dietary recommendations, I will analyze your diet and point out known offending foods and I may offer substitutes, if possible. I am not a doctor or trained nutritionist or herbalist so this consultation does not include prescriptions or an extensive treatment plan. However, the information I will give you will support your overall health and other treatments you may be considering or undergoing. The recommendations offered will serve as a springboard for you to further your own research into what upsets your health and to experiment in your process of self-healing. If your case is an emergency please consult a doctor.