General Medical Question Consultation

About Traditional Medical Astrology

Any medical, psychological or spiritual question (NOT including diagnosis), for example:

  • Is surgery a good idea?
  • Will I recover?
  • When will I get better?
  • Is this surgeon/doctor/practitioner qualified to treat me?
  • Will my depression get worse or better?
  • Why am I depressed?
  • Do I have bipolar disorder?
  • Is how I feel due to past trauma?
  • I have two different opinions by two different doctors? Which one is right?
  • Am I allergic to gluten?
  • Is chicken (or any other food) good or bad for me?
  • Should I become a vegetarian?
  • I am a vegetarian but feel awful. Should I begin eating meat?
  • Are the supplements I am taking good for me?
  • Will chemotherapy help?
  • Will the juice fasting/cleanse be good for me?
  • I can feel/see/hear “spirits”. Are they real or imagination? Are they good company or not?

Note: If your main question is “what is wrong with me?” or “How can I improve my health?”, that is, you want a diagnosis and guidelines to improve your health, then purchase a Medical Humoral Diagnosis Consultation which includes all the questions in the Standard Medical Question Consultation plus diagnosis and dietary and lifestyle guidelines.