General Horary and Medical Astrology Lectures

I offer lectures on General Horary and Medical Astrology for groups of astrologers, with focus on medical and psychological horary, and touching on birth chart medical delineation and prevention. Lectures can be tailored for one day, two day, or three day intensives with varying degrees of theory and practice on horary, natal or both.

The curriculum includes:

  • The basics of traditional astrology: signs, houses, planets, essential and accidental dignity, aspects and receptions, antiscia, timing
  • Fixed stars
  • The concept of malefics and benefics
  • Body chart anatomy
  • The theory of the elements and humors
  • What is illness?
  • Cause and symptoms
  • The importance of understanding context
  • Asking questions before answering questions
  • Medical/Psychological Horary: diagnosis, prognosis and treatment
  • Imbalance degree and mode
  • Answering Medical/Psychological questions
  • The difference between Decumbiture and Horary
  • The Moon?s roles in horary and decumbiture
  • Assessment of temperament

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