The querent underwent lab exams which came back showing high blood glucose levels (300+). Her doctor diagnosed her as diabetic type 2 and promptly put her on a Metformin and Glaburyde treatment regimen, the two staple medications to control diabetes type 2.

After a few weeks into the treatment her glucose levels would not come down enough and she was feeling sick. Was it due to the medication side-effects? Or was something else wrong?

She was not comfortable with the casual attitude of the doctor and the fact that she was told she could go on with her normal diet as long as she took the pills. So she decided to do some research on her own instead of leaving her health in the hands of the doctor alone. She learned about the different types of diabetes and wondered whether she had been tested and diagnosed properly.

Question: Is my Pancreas ok? Was I diagnosed correctly? Could I be diabetic type 1?

Answer: The chart shows that your test was faulty and that you are likely diabetic type 1, not type 2.

Advice: See a different doctor. Further testing is advised.

Outcome: She saw a different doctor and new tests confirmed diabetes type 1 late-onset. She is on the correct treatment now: insulin.