Yes, you can ask about your clients/patients. I work with homeopaths,?naturopaths,?nutritionists and medical doctors. Suppose you are unsure a supplement, food, medicine or medical intervention you prescribed is having or will have the desired effect. I can tell you that with a high degree of accuracy, for example.

I also work with practitioners who use my humoral diagnosis to fine tune their treatment regimen for their patients. If you are an Ayurvedic, Unani, Tibetan or Chinese doctor skilled in pulse diagnosis you do not need astrological humoral diagnosis. If you do not use pulse diagnosis my astrological humoral diagnosis produces the same type of information about the underlying cause of symptoms, without which chronic conditions become very difficult if not impossible to heal despite the practitioner’s best intentions and efforts.

Humoral diagnosis is also a requirement to prevent that a medicine that suppresses a symptom will not exacerbate the cause of the symptoms in the long run, that is: will make the patient sicker.

If you are a healer contact me for discounted rates.