This middle-aged client has a hectic, super-active, lifestyle, is under enormous stress, and has already acquired an auto-immune disease among various other symptoms. She also experiences anxiety, anger, guilt, and self-deprecating tendencies.

Below is a summary of her chart interpretation:

Question: What is wrong with me? What can I do to improve my health?


You have an excess of heat and dryness in your system. Fire. This excessive fire causes and exacerbates various symptoms in your body and mind. The imbalance mode is acute, meaning that if measures are taken to correct it the results will come relatively fast. The imbalance degree is low so things can be done to correct it.

Your immune system is emphasized and shown not to be working correctly and your nervous system is risking a burn-out. Menopause and shifting hormones are interacting heavily with your glands and immune system. The reproductive system and immune system are pulling in opposite directions and taxing one another. Inflammation is brewing underneath all the symptoms you are experiencing. What is referred to as fibromyalgia, in your case, is a series of symptoms associated with this excess of fire in your nervous system, bones, and muscles.

There is no spontaneous improvement indicated. In fact, the charts show the tendency for heat, and therefore imbalance, to increase, and not in a pleasant way. This makes the search for correct treatments and adjustments in diet and lifestyle a high priority. The more you wait the harsher the lesson will tend to be.

Your work/career is strongly emphasized this year as a big player in relation to your health and well being. Think of the excess of fire and observe to see how your work may be increasing this fire in your system, therefore, contributing to the exacerbation of your health problems. Think also where fire may be stuck rather than being channeled in healthy ways. Important decisions are emphasized in your work/career. If your concern is health then your decisions must be focussed on your health, mental and physical. It will be wise to find ways to re-position your work to revolve around your health and well being instead of the other way around. This is the time in your life when you have to do that or else things may get worse and become more difficult to correct as one ages.

Minimize heating and drying foods. Increase cooling and moistening foods. More cucumber and steamed vegetables and salads and less chili or oregano or fried foods in general. Less chicken, more turkey. Fewer dates and more fresh fruit. Fewer nuts.

Meditation is good — it cools the mind. In social interaction prefer the quieter ones instead of the busy noisy ones. When watching movies prefer the calmer ones, etc.

The important thing is the principle: less fire = good. That applies to every area of your life.

Finding ways to see clearly and “digest” psychological burdens and obstacles such as self-deprecation, anger, guilt?is very important for our well being. Those factors can and do play directly into our immune and nervous systems, which in turn play into our emotions. Here again, we can see how too much fire can have you busy being here and there and super active in the world while you can benefit from periods of quiet intelligent introspection in order to help “clear your energy field” and settle into the deeper part of your being where serene power comes from. Meditation and psychotherapy can help.