Using an astrological chart called “horary chart” I identify the nature of an illness and/or other physical or psychological problems using the paradigm of the four humors/elements. Once the humoral diagnosis has been performed you will know the following:

Whether you have an imbalance at all, and if so, what the imbalance is, that is: and imbalance of the “earth-air” axis or the “water-fire” axis. That imbalance is the cause or your health problems on the humoral/elemental level.

The imbalance degree. Stronger degrees require relatively stronger measures to address.

The imbalance mode, that is: whether it is acute, changeable (mutable) or fixed. Acute imbalances are the easiest to deal with; when treated correctly the symptoms disappear shortly afterwards. Symptoms of a mutable imbalance tend return over time, so require more care and “maintenance” over time. Fixed imbalanced are more difficult to change, but depending on the degree they can be changed.

I also uncover self-undoing factors, if any are present, which contribute to the exacerbation of illness. That is: things you may be doing to yourself which may be causing you harm.

With this knowledge you are able to take common-sense measures to improve your life and/or support other required treatments you may be undergoing.