A horary consultation produces an accurate present picture of the current state of health/illness. It also exposes self-undoing factors, gives the prognosis, and gives the answer to any related question, all in one shot.

In theory, a natal (birth-chart) delineation produces information on the health proclivities from birth and the person’s temperament. This information could be useful for prevention, especially for newborns and children, so that a parent can know beforehand the type of problems that are more likely to arise and may be prepared for meeting those possible difficulties as the child grows up.

However, with the exception of TEMPERAMENT ASSESSMENT, in practice, medical natal interpretation?is mostly useless. The possibilities are too many. There is no way we can pinpoint what may happen.

I do give a free natal temperament assessment with any horary consultation which is the only practical area of natal assessment.

NOTE: it is not possible to diagnose accurately using a birth chart; it is not meant for that purpose. A horary chart is needed for an accurate diagnosis.