Yes, you can ask those. The principles are the same as the body’s health principles. Generally speaking, we cry too much if there is too much water, we get depressed if we are too cold and dry (earth), we get easily angry if we have too much fire, we talk too much if we have too much air, etc.

Plus, we can gain insights into those parts of our psyche which tend to be hidden while being harmful to our overall mental, emotional and physical health. It is rare for people to ask about self-undoing but it is there to be studied for those who are ready to look into themselves and eventually be free from personal demons. Seeing them with some degree of clarity is the first step.

It is common that when their self-undoing is pointed out people reject the information, which is in the very nature of self-undoing to do so: it perpetuates suffering through ignorance. So keep that in mind when asking such questions. If you have the maturity to look at yourself impartially you will benefit from such information.