My Father is in Critical Condition

Question: My Father has been taken to hospital and is said to be in critical condition by the doctors. Will the process of his passing be quick or will this take months? Answer: It could be about three weeks. Or it could be three days. Outcome: He passed away three days after the question was […]

Is the consultation on the phone or Skype?

The consultation is not on the phone or Skype. It takes several days to interpret the charts and apply the information to each particular case and set of questions. Also, if spiritual and/or psychological issues are part of the context some time is needed for the information and message to fully “download” from your guides […]

Am I going blind?

Question: I am a Type II diabetic and I am beginning to have “eye episodes”. I wonder if am going blind eventually. I have blood sugar levels moderately controlled (read: blood sugar levels above normal). Answer: probably not going completely blind. But you will lose a significant part of your vision if you are not […]

What is self-undoing?

Imbalanced elements can make us physically and psychologically ill. We can also make ourselves more ill and help illness instead of helping health. This is called self-undoing, or self-harm, or self-sabotaging. If we are to heal is it beneficial and of utmost importance to uncover self-undoing factors in our lives so that we may become […]

I am a healer/doctor, can I ask about my clients/patients?

Yes, you can ask about your clients/patients. I work with homeopaths,?naturopaths,?nutritionists and medical doctors. Suppose you are unsure a supplement, food, medicine or medical intervention you prescribed is having or will have the desired effect. I can tell you that with a high degree of accuracy, for example. I also work with practitioners who use […]

What is humoral treatment?

Targeted, customized measures taken in order to balance the body and mind. For example: someone with bronchitis because of an excess of water would take food and herbs to heat and dry the body and avoid cold and damp places. This reasoning applies to every possible illness situation. Without humoral treatment other treatments often fail. […]

What is illness?

A functional weakness or distortion caused by a humoral imbalance. For example: bronchitis (weakness in the lungs) is often caused by too much water (humoral imbalance) in the system. Illnesses are based on birth constitution and?triggered by genetic factors and the environment, and are often exacerbated by self-undoing, that is: conscious or unconscious acts of […]

Supplements and digestive intolerance

The client was prescribed dietary supplements. She has severe digestive intolerance and often reacts with migraine to foods and supplements. She is concerned about the supplement’s usefulness and about getting a migraine from it. Question: Is this supplement good for me? Will I get migraines from taking it? Answer: The supplement is very good for […]

Is the interpretation computer generated?

No. The written interpretation is done entirely by hand and is customized to each consultation. A computer is used only to product the necessary astrological charts.

Horary vs. Birth Chart Consultation ? what’s the difference?

HORARY A horary consultation produces an accurate present picture of the current state of health/illness. It also exposes self-undoing factors, gives the prognosis, and gives the answer to any related question, all in one shot. NATAL (BIRTH) CHART In theory, a natal (birth-chart) delineation produces information on the health proclivities from birth and the person’s […]