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Traditional Medical Astrologer Felipe Oliveira

I studied medical astrology under Oscar Hofman and have received the Horary Apprentice Diploma from John Frawley. I have practiced Traditional Astrology since 2005.

I was born with an unbalanced temperament in the form of excessive heat and dryness (fire). Sure enough, for someone who did not take proper care of health in the first decades of my life I was, later on, diagnosed as having a humoral imbalance in the form of a fixed excess of heat and dryness of a relatively severe degree; matching exactly the potential imbalance indicated on the birth chart.

The problem was difficult to change but possible. The prognosis was that it would get worse over time if nothing was done about it. It did get worse, largely due to wrong diet, wrong medications, unsuitable lifestyle, stubbornness and a degree of negligence.

The process of disease has receded significantly by this time and the process of healing has taken over. The switch started with awareness and accurate information. In my case the information came primarily via traditional astrology, such as the information I am offering as a service via this web site.

Traditional healing means work; no magic pill here. It means that primarily we must awaken our understanding and intuition, and become healers of ourselves to a lesser or greater degree; the greater the self-knowledge the better. Traditional astrology can be a valuable tool in self-healing.

Humoral imbalance is not the only reason we become ill and therefore humoral treatment is often not the only treatment required for healing. However, without humoral level correction other treatments usually cannot work adequately, if at all, in the long run.

Besides my education and over fifteen years of practice in Traditional Astrology, I have also spent most of five or so decades studying the human psyche through the framework of various systems of esoteric thought applied in practice. I have little to no interest in theory alone. Knowledge has to be applicable to the needs of life in order to improve it, thus my affinity with horary astrology rather than with other branches of astrology, or modern astrology. 

Having a solid understanding of the structure and operation of the psyche as explained through the cosmology of the elements and the planets, allows me to shed clarity on the connection of illness, psychological suffering and the state of health that is so desirable to all.

Traditional Medical Astrologer Felipe Oliveira
Traditional Medical Astrologer Felipe Oliveira